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I have been taking pictures since my parents gave me my first Canon SLR in the late 1970's, but didn't get serious about photography until I became a published author in 1996. When I began writing it quickly became apparent that the visual impact of a story is just as important as the words themselves. My initial interests continue to keep me busy taking pictures of anglers and fish, but I have broadened my endeavors to include wildlife, landscape and travel photography. Many of my photographs are available as prints on the PRINT PHOTOS page. I also shoot some stock photography, with a selection of my work available on the STOCK PHOTOS page. For a taste of my fishing photography, go to the ANGLER & PRODUCT PHOTOS page. Regardless of what I have my camera pointed at, my goal is to produce images that tell a tale with every click of the shutter. All of my photographs are made with Canon cameras and lenses. I specialize in the Western United States, with an emphasis on California subjects. And, I'm just now starting to play with video --  look for that sometime soon too.